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TTP Provo 2018 Agenda

Sunday 8th July


Sponsor: SkyPRO 



TTP Provo 2018 Agenda

We are still adding to the agenda but we will cover during the event at least the list of sessions below:

VMware 6.x Fast Track & Troubleshooting Course
Map University Prague
Agenda TTP EMEA 2015
Agenda TTP US 2015
Best Practices for Migrating Servers to Amazon Web Services with PlateSpin Migrate

In today’s dynamic world, the need for cost reduction and the desire to increase operational efficiency have a constant impact on the organization of IT resources.

Micro Focus Identity Governance Academic License

Based on conversations with the program director for academic customers and through feedback from sales reps, a need for the availability of Micro Focus Identity Governance SKUs on the ALA and SLA price lists has been identified. Currently Micro Focus Identity Governance is only available for purchase in the academic sector through the VLA-ED programs. With the release of these new SKUs the offerings will extend across all of the companies buying programs for academic customers. These skus will be available on the published price list in September. 

The University of Detroit Mercy

Like many organizations, most universities simply choose to turn off texting rather than risk an NCAA investigation. The NCAA states, “Evolving technology presents unique challenges in recruiting. The NCAA position states new technology can be used so long as it complies with the spirit and, where updated, the letter of already existing guidelines. For example, schools cannot text prospective student-athletes at any time…”