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Setting up an "SSL Certificate - <Server Name>" to work with everything. How do I unify the certificates used by a server for user access: Apache, Tomcat, LDAP, iManager, etc.?
Create eDir-to-eDir Certificates


We deleted and re-created the CA in one of our connected eDirectory trees due to approaching expiration.  After doing so, we are unable to re-create the eDir-to-eDir certificate for the driver that connects this secondary tree to the identity vault tree.

We right-click on the driver and use Live / Create eDir-to-eDir Certificates.

Break or Veto how to understand the difference

Question: IDM has the tokens break and veto: which one do I want to use?


Break exits a policy, and lets the next policy (if applicable) in the policyset do its job, skipping any other rules in this policy.  Break means to break out of the current policy right now.

Veto means to veto the entire event.  All done; all through.  No passing go; no collecting $200.


How to get Started with IDM Video

Geoffrey Carman did a series a video on how to get started with IDM for TTP ASIA-PAC here is where you can watch it.    


Hope you find this helpful 

A Guided Tour of Identity Manager: A Most Excellent Primer

David Gersic wrote a set of three articles for Novell Cool Solutions (now NetIQ Cool Solutions) in 2009.

Part 1 is a guide to terms needed to understand how to configure Identity Manager.

Part 2 deals with Policy Sets in a Driver, Policies, Filters, and the Add Processor.

Capturing and Reading and Comprehending Identity Manager Traces

Fernando Freitas wrote a set of three articles for Novell Cool Solutions (now NetIQ Cool Solutions) in 2008 and 2010.

Capturing and Reading Identity Manager Traces

Comprehending IDM Traces – Part 1

ZENworks Upgrade (vs update) and License Keys

I am being asked for a License Key to upgrade my installation.  I don't know where to look.

Doing an update on ZENworks typically just goes.  However, license keys are needed for an upgrade.  Finding those keys can be challenging.

Typically major versions require a new license key to be entered (vs using the current one).   Minor version updates do not need the key reentered.

ZENworks license keys.

Experience the Business Value The ZENworks Suite

There may have been a time when a collection of stand-alone endpoint management and security products and solutions made sense. But as IT environments grow more complex and diverse, IT service requirements rise, and users become more mobile and demanding, businesses are embracing more unified and complete solutions that can help them take back control of their unmanageable environments.

Deployment Automation: Deliver High-Quality Software Efficiently and Reliably

DevOps transformation projects aim to deliver software innovation faster and with less risk. The growth in application complexity, increased frequency of application changes, and the need to deploy across multiple environments and infrastructures (physical, virtual, container, and cloud) stresses legacy processes and tools. Existing manual and semi-automated application deployment models are inefficient, error-prone, and difficult to scale.

Best Practices for Migrating Servers to Amazon Web Services with PlateSpin Migrate

In today’s dynamic world, the need for cost reduction and the desire to increase operational efficiency have a constant impact on the organization of IT resources.