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Upgrading to Identity Manger 4.7.2: lessons from the field

Tom Burt

IDM 4.8 as a stepping stone to IGA 6.0

Tom Burt

The Getty Identity Management System - from inception to the future

Armando Perez

Make IDM Great again by using SKyPRO's IDM add-ons and LDAP tools.

Christian Karch

Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM)

Eine zweiseitige NetIQ Success Story, die beschreibt, wie eine deutsche Hochschule mit Identity Manager eine ausgereifte, erweiterbare Lösung für ein zentrales und sicheres Identitätslebenszyklus-Management nutzt. Mit dieser Lösung können doppelte Identitäten identifiziert und gelöscht werden, und Sicherheit sowie Effizienz werden erhöht.


NetIQ Identity Manager will help THM gain a better overview of its users and identities. Moving forward, the institution will be able to identify and eliminate previously undetected duplicates, increasing the security and efficiency of its user management processes.

Faaborg Midtfyn Kommune

NetIQ Customer Success Story on Danish municipality Faaborg-Midtfyn Kommune and h ow they are using NetIQ Identity Manager to control access to restricted systems without limiting organizational productivity.


A customer success story about a Swiss insurance company, whose high administration costs and constantly increasing compliance requirements in the insurance industry threatened competitiveness. Helvetia standardized and automated user administration processes with NetIQ® Identity Manager. A single process covers staff and customer identities, and the company can now provision new users 98 percent quicker.

Camera dei Deputati

To ensure effective control over a diverse set of users on their information systems, Camera dei Deputati chose Identity Manager to manage user access.

Almhults Kommun 客户成功案例

Älmhults Kommun 想要改善面向市民的本地服务。了解 Identity Manager 如何帮助该机构自动管理成千上万个身份。