TTP USA 2020 Sessions and Workshops

The agenda for the USA TTP Conference in July will deliver the following sessions and workshops. The actual agenda with allocated time slots for the sessions will be published closer to the event.

The Management Day will be on Tuesday 14th July, sessions are listed below and the abstracts are included in the abstracts section further down the page.


Management Day - July 14th


1) Keynote Presentations and Corporate Positioning (Sessions 1,2,3)

2) A Large Academic Research Support Unit’s Journey Through COVID-19 (Session 4)

3) What is the TTP and how it can help you? (Session 5)

4) What is Unified Endpoint Management and why should you be using it? (Session 6)

5) Identity Governance and Administration in a Zero Trust World (Session 7)



Each workshop will be four hours in length and a lecture/demo format. They will be held on Friday 17th and Monday 20th July one set in the morning and one in the afternoon.
ZENworks Bundle Anatomy - What are all these deployment options? W-1
During this workshop let's look deep into the different types of Bundles, their configurations and settings. We'll dive into what a bundle and its content is, various ways to configure and deploy bundles and how to troubleshoot.
Docker Basics BootCamp W-2
If you are new to Docker or want a refresher on how to configure and work with Docker then this is for you. We will start with a walk through setting up a Docker environment on a SLES server. From there we will cover many of the basic commands and conventions to set up and modify a simple web server. The information provided should leave you feeling comfortable with exploring Docker further on your own.
Introduction to the OneRoster API followed by Creating Launch Dashboards with Oauth, Access Manager, and OneRoster W-3
Using the creation of an extremely simple list of customized user links as an example, we walk through practical use of OAuth in Access Manager and discuss the IMS Global OneRoster standard in terms of both its flat file and API implementations. Code, but not tea, will be provided.
ZENworks Policy Enforcement - How can I keep my Users Productive & Safe? W-4
This workshop will dig into the mysteries of different Policy types. Presenting how you can lower Help Desk tickets, increase User productivity and still keep the User safe. What the difference is between ZCM policies and ZESM policies and how the Location of the device, user and connections affects the User's productivity.
Filr Large Clustered Installation and Configuration W-5
This session will show how to implement a large clustered installation of Filr Advanced, which will be carried out in real time. This type of installation provides High Availability and scalability, for your Filr environment. Attendees will learn the principles of Filr design, and best practices for installation against both Windows and Open Enterprise Server environments.
Intermediate Linux W-6
You know how to boot, use YaST to configure, and generally get around Linux, but that's just scratching the surface. This four-hour session will dive into the command line to explore practical commands used for day-to-day administration, plus give you the knowledge to put them together into your own set of tools. Bring questions, ideas, or just commonly-repeated tasks, combine with a Bash shell, and automate away the redundant parts of your job so you can focus on the interesting challenges that make up your computing career. bash, vim, file sharing, file system review, system analysis.
Extended real time monitoring and advanced reporting as well as expert managing for IDM and Databases in general. W-7
Learn how you can adapt a specific set of skills to monitor your IDM in real time, easily create complex reports, manage your environment and more using SKyPRO's IDM add-ons and services. In addition to IDM you will see how any type of Database can be accessed and managed with our new services and solutions.
An Introduction to Identity Manager W-8
This workshop is intended for people that are new to Identity Manager (IDM) and want to see how they can get started. The workshop will explain how IDM is installed and how you can create an Identity Vault and a Driver that synchronizes data between the Vault and Active Directory.
ZENworks Service Desk - Implementing Store Provisioning W-9
If you own ZENworks then you own a minimum 2 licenses of Service Desk. Using Service Desk as a ZENworks Bundle provisioning tool through ZENworks integration and Store functions. This workshop will show how ZENworks Service Desk can decrease help desk calls for those mundane tasks for those enterprise bundles. We'll examine how to configure and setup the Store, bring in those ZCM Bundles and let the Users pick those enterprise bundles through their User portal.


Below are the abstracts for the sessions on the 14th - 16th July and the 21st - 23rd July. Please note that we are still waiting for the confirmation of some of the session titles and abstracts and these will be added in due course.
Keynote Presentations 1,2,3
Join us for a view from our executive team around Micro Focus’s renewed commitment to our customers with new investments being made across the business. Here from management about the strategic direction and focus for the coming year.
A Large Academic Research Support Unit’s Journey Through COVID-19, Luke Tracy, University of Michigan 4
The College of Literature, Science and the Arts at the University of Michigan conducts more than $200M of research annually across a diverse range of Humanity, Social Science, and Hard Science domains. Supporting the computing needs of this research requires a breadth and depth of tools, methodologies, and skills. They must be loosely coupled and tightly aligned to create a flexible environment. March 2020 brought us an unprecedented rate of change. We will explore the shifts in technological solutions, budgets, funding models, & staffing plans that supported this environment while adapting to recent events.
What is the TTP and how it can help you?, Bas Penris 5
The TTP is a technical community made up of people working in the computing services organizations of academic sites around the world. There is no cost for membership and members are much closer to Micro Focus and other academic sites who use Micro Focus Solutions as a result. Come along and hear what the group has to offer so that you can encourage others from your organization to join up and receive the benefits.
What is Unified Endpoint Management and why should you be using it? Jason Blackett, Micro Focus 6
The Unified Endpoint Management and Protection Portfolio at Micro Focus provides a robust solution for managing and securing your endpoint devices while protecting the data that resides on them. This session provides an overview of the core business value and the solutions that make up the Unified Endpoint Management and Protection portfolio.
Identity Governance and Administration in a Zero Trust World, Tom Burt, Micro Focus 7
Identity is the foundation of a Zero Trust approach to identity and access management. This session with help understand Micro Focus’s short and long term goals for IDM/IG & eDirectory in an IGA zero trust world.
Zero Trust Security with NetIQ Access Management, Gautham Ananda, Micro Focus 8
The digital transformation paradigm is leading organizations to support more unmanaged devices, more remote users and consume 3rd party applications. These would increase the security concerns and highlight the pitfalls in the existing security technologies. This is leading organizations to Zero Trust model . Zero Trust Security model is based on the concept that no access request should be automatically trusted, instead that the user requesting it should be verified. In this session you will get to learn the Zero Trust Security concepts and how NetIQ Access Management helps customers to implement Zero trust security.
ZENworks Service Desk 8.2 and forward - Current State & Feedback, Sudipta Roy, Micro Focus 9
ZENworks Service Desk brings a new paradigm in the ITSM world with its rehabilitated user experience offering all-new design while providing robust solutions on self-service and automation leveraging core instigation with ZENworks Configuration Management. The session provides an overview of the value additions with the new features and design for the Technician portal planned for the upcoming release 8.2 and beyond.
The journey to ZENworks as a Service or what is Janus? Jason Blackett and Kamal Maheshwari 10
Janus is the code name for evolution of the ZENworks architecture from the Service Oriented Architecture introduced in ZENworks 10 to a micro-services based architecture designed to service on-prem, hybrid or as service deployments of ZENworks. This session will be presented by the Director of Product Management and the Janus Architect. You’ll learn the benefits and changes coming in ZENworks 2020 Update 2 and beyond and get a deep-dive of the short term and long term milestones and vision.
Azure AD and Access Manager, Johnnie Odom, Escambia SD 11A
A discussion of one of the greatest mysteries of our time: How does Access Manager (NAM) implement the Microsoft WS-Trust and WS-Fed protocols so that your users can use their organization-controlled accounts to authenticate to Microsoft's increasingly broad set of Azure AD-adjacent services? We will cover the basics of Office 365 integration as detailed in the NAM documentation and then move on to binding Windows workstations to Azure with NAM in the middle, troubleshooting, and experiments using Access Manager to enable embedded PowerBI reports via the magic of OAuth.
How China taught me to use firewalld, Lawrence Kearney, Augusta University 11B
Local firewalls provided by operating systems can and should be a layer in organizational security models. Deploying and configuring iptables configurations en masse can have its own complications, but introduce bespoke server configurations and many cringe at the viability of deploying the local firewall at all. Fortunately, firewalld does reduce the complexity of deploying iptables based firewalls using logical components most administrators are unaware of. Complex services such as database application stacks and HPC clusters can participate in layered security architectures without impacting functionality or causing administrators or users headaches.
ZENworks Database Migration Tool, Paul Pedron, Micro Focus 12A
Migrating the ZCM Databases made easy. This session focuses on the new Database Migration tool allowing you to move from Sybase, MSSQL or Oracle to the Postgress SQL database platform. No database experience? That's okay, this session will demonstrate how easy moving a ZENworks Database is using this tool.
So your boss wants an IDM Dashboard, Steven Tharp 12B
Many Business and Schools want to create a Web based Dashboard that presents status information in simple Red, Yellow Green Format. So if you are tasked with this project how do you create a Dashboard that is meaningful? I will explain the IDM Dashboard I have for the TTP systems.
Rapidly equipping students and instructors for remote work and learning with Amazon Workspaces and AppStream, Axel Larsson, AWS 13
Learn how you can rapidly deploy a virtual desktop program for your students, faculty, and staff in the cloud using Amazon Workspaces and AppStream. In this session, we provide an introduction to the AWS cloud and demonstrate how a virtual desktop program can be implemented without making the need for up-front purchases or investments in additional infrastructure. We also demonstrate connectivity and integration with an existing on-premise network to provide a seamless experience for users.
Cloud Penetration Within Academia - Discussion Session, Lawrence Kearney, Johnnie Odom 14
The end game for cloud computing adoption is the coalescence of capital and operational expenses to operational expenses alone. The analysis then becomes are expenses reduced or stabilized without loss of functionality, with an acceptable loss of functionality, or gains in functionality? How prepared were local IT resources to get things off the ground, and were downstream interactions with staff, faculty, students, and accounts payable ready as well. Hopefully the discussion expands wildly from these initial thoughts, but stays on topic enough to be useful.
Filr 4.2 - What's new and current offers, Vikram Derebail, Micro Focus 15
Join us for this session to know more on the latest release of Filr, which includes capabilities that enhance the user's abilities to collaborate in an ultra-modern way while offering increased data security for organizations. Learn about the Filr Advanced COVID-19 Free Trial and get an overview on the Team Collaboration capabilities, which is now included as an entitlement in Filr Advanced.
Behavioral Risk Analytics using NetIQ Access Manager and Interset, Haripriya Sivapatham, Micro Focus 16
Organizations today face a massive increase in cyberattacks targeting credentials and privileged accounts. The scale and sophistication of these attacks are ever-increasing and traditional access security approaches offer limited protection, while enforcing inflexible policies that inconvenience and frustrate end users. Behavioral risk analytics offer automated, continuous security at scale, while offering seamless user experience to users. In this session, we discuss how to use NetIQ Access Manager and Interset Behavioral Analytics to prevent sophisticated attacks.
Collaborative editing with Filr and TeamWorks, Robin Redgrave, Micro Focus 17A
This session will show how the Content Editor appliance can be used with both Filr Advanced and TeamWorks to give online, collaborative editing. Attendees will learn best practices for the implementation and tips and tricks to get the most out of the appliance.
eDirectory: Performance tuning and troubleshooting, Rodrigo Gomez, Micro Focus 17B
In this session we will explore how to get the best performance out of your eDirectory server. We’ll discuss in detail how searches are performed and the impact of different tuning options. We will discuss alternatives to minimize the amount of updates made in a server. We will also investigate how to avoid resource starvation on your server, the problems associated with it and how to avoid them.
How we update the TTP eDirectory Tree with information from Micro Focus, Steven Tharp 18A
One year ago Peter asked Edmund and I to find a way to update the TTP eDirectory Tree with information from Microfocus. The thing that makes this really hard is we could not make an external LDAP or IDM connection to the Microfocus eDirectory Tree. Our solution uses an SSH tunnel, a sophisticated shell script and an IDM driver.
Useful Tools for IDM Admins 2020, Alex Belousov 18B
Traditional review and demonstration of different tools that will help with the development and support of Identity and/or Directory Systems.
ZENworks Configuration Management Upgrade to ZCM 2020, Paul Pedron, Micro Focus 19A
Experience the upgrade to ZCM 2020. Come visit our presentation on upgrading to ZCM 2020 using the .iso installer. Taking into account all of the platforms and/or versions we will navigate an upgrade path to the latest ZCM 2020. We'll also discuss platform prerequisites and post install tasks.
How to Integrate Advanced Authentication with Google G Suite, Zachary Hall, Micro Focus 19B
Learn how to leverage an Advanced Authentication setup to provide multi-factor authentication for Google G Suite applications.
Some Custom Tools for Sanitizing Data, Johnnie Odom, Escambia SD 20A
Every sysadmin knows that data that you do not personally generate and extract is crazy garbage that will destroy your key infrastructure. In this session we will provide a few command-line tools written in C# that can be slipped into your Linux and Windows flat file workflows to eliminate bad data, report key statistics, transform fields for import, and prepare data for synchronization between systems.
Notes from the field - A Successful Workday Implementation Using IDM, Alex Belousov 20B
This year my organization successfully migrated to the Workday HRIS platform. I would like to share lessons learned during this migration, techniques and tools that can help during development, migration and support of IDM and Workday HRIS.
GroupWise: Current Issue Troubleshooting, Bert Workman, Micro Focus 21
Discussion and presentation on the current top issues in support along with trouble-shooting tips. Products covered will include GroupWise, Mobility, GroupWise Web, and TLS certificates in general.
IDM - Support Drop In, Steven Tharp 22A
This drop in call is open for participants to ask anything from the team on any aspect of IDM.
Access Manager - Support Drop In, Bas Penris 22B
This drop in call is open for participants to ask anything from the team on any aspect of Access Manager.
ZENcast – Another Avenue of ZENworks Information, Paul Pedron, Micro Focus 23A
ZENcast is a recent LIVE forum where we discuss your questions every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month 0900 MDT. We cover topics sent in from the audience, chat during the stream and join your colleagues as we go through Live ZENworks product demonstrations. You can subscribe to the Micro Focus Support and Training YouTube Channel and/or Twitter and you’ll be notified when we go Live. Past ZENcast recordings can be viewed as well.
Cloud Integrated Storage (CIS) Deployment Guidelines, Girish KS, Micro Focus 23B
CIS is a hybrid cloud solution that provides a secure gateway to store, manage, and access data across private or public cloud. In this session we will take you through various CIS deployment options to help you in choosing the right model.
Securing your application APIs using Secure API Manager, Gireesh Kumar, Micro Focus 24
Microservices and APIs have had a dramatic impact on modern application development. APIs offer great agility as companies develop and deploy more and more applications quickly and easily. However, a significant number of APIs deployed today are insecure and present a great threat to unauthorized access to corporate data. Join this session to learn how to maximize your organization’s API security using NetIQ Secure API Manager.
Identity Governance: Its importance in the world today, Geoffrey Carman, CIS LLC 25A
It used to be that it was Identity Management. Then it became Identity and Access Management, and now it is Identity Governance. Why should you care about Governance? How can you deal with it?
Secure IT? Difficult if you've got users, Werner Degenhardt, Code and Concept 25B
On March 2, 2000, Kevin Mitnick one of the most outstanding hackers up to now gave a testimony to a Senate Committee after spending almost five years in jail. Amongst other things he told the Committee:"Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption, and secure access devices and it's money wasted because none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain: the people who use, administer, operate and account for computer systems that contain protected information." Surprisingly and regrettably nothing has changed since 2000. This presentation will give you some insight into why this statement is still true and what you can do about it.
Getting Started with IDM Designer, Steven Tharp 26A
So you are new to Identity Manager (IDM) and want to understand how we write and deploy the code from a Windows or Macintosh workstation to the eDirectory Tree. Anyone that works on a regular basis has a love hate relationship with Designer. We will look at the way to write code and languages that IDM supports.
Customizing the ZENworks Preboot Environment, Cory Calvert, Waterloo SD 26B
This session will provide an overview of how ZENworks Preboot Services works and will describe how the Waterloo School District has extended that functionality for other purposes, such as third-party imaging with Clonezilla, hardware diagnostics, firmware upgrades, and secure deletion of data.
ZENworks Service Desk Upgrade to v8.1.2, Paul Pedron, Micro Focus 27A
This session will help you understand the requirements and options to upgrade Service Desk to the latest version v8.1.2. We'll examine different upgrade paths and explain the ease of ZSD Appliance upgrades. Upgrades are streamlined and easier than ever.
Learning Management System Round Table including discussions of Canvas and Blackboard, Diana Osborn, SDSU, Johnnie Odom, Escambia SD 27B
Round table discussion session concerning LMSes - all welcome.
Adventures with Google Classroom, Johnnie Odom, Escambia SD 28A
Google Classroom is not a Learning Management System, but it does give us a robust understanding of the Holy Roman Empire. From vivid experience as personal tech support to a teacher trying to remotely instruct elementary school students in drama, we provide a nitty-gritty guide to the current state of this inevitable tool.
Easy migration from OpenSUSE to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), Brian Six, Craig Liddle, SUSE 28B
Did you know this migration is possible? Not only is it possible, it is easy too. Plus, it’s fully supported. We will demonstrate this capability right before your very eyes. In the event you would like to build your SLES servers from scratch, we will follow this demonstration up with another that shows how you can template your SLES installs to make them easier and faster to build.
Identity and Access Management - Discussion Session, Bas Penris, Steven Tharp 29
Let's get together to discuss your successes and failures with IDM so that we can learn from each other and pass on feedback to the product teams.
ZENworks Support Drop-In, Paul Pedron, Micro Focus, Diana Osborn, SDSU 30A
Start your day dropping into our ZENworks Support round table, asking those tricky ZENworks questions and we’ll field them as they come in. We’d love to hear from you and give you direction for those questions about your environment or how-tos with ZENworks Products.
Filr Support Drop-in, Robin Redgrave, Micro Focus 30B
This drop in call is open for participants to ask anything from the team on any aspect of Filr.
OES File Analysis, Girish KS, Jason Boswell, Manukumar Arakere, Micro Focus 31
Analyze and secure sensitive data on OES servers using Data Discovery.
What's New in Access Manager 5.0, Haripriya Sivapatham, Micro Focus 32
Access Manager 5.0 is the upcoming major release. The theme of this release is reduced total cost of ownership and improved ease of use. Join us for this session to learn about docker support, upgrade assistant, channel update, automation test framework, and many more enhancements packed into this release.
OES as a Linux Server Revisited, Johnnie Odom, Escambia SD 33A
The marquee features of OES include many powerful file and storage capabilities, the robust iPrint ecosystem, and eDirectory-integrated network services. In this session we will shift perspective and take stock of OES as a Linux distribution suitable for general server use. Among other topics we will cover controlling administrative users; serving gitweb via NSS, Apache, and eDirectory; automated workflows; and an evaluation of sysadmin tooling.
What’s new in ZENworks 2020 Update 1, Jason Blackett, Darrin VandenBos, Micro Focus 33B
ZENworks 2020 Update 1 is the most recent version of ZENworks. Come find out how it helps you better manage and secure your devices and protect your sensitive data. This session will focus on What’s new in ZENworks 2020 U1 with a bit of background on ZENworks 2020.
Using the IDM Health Monitor to your advantage, Steven Tharp 34A
So, for some time IDM has had a built in Monitoring system yet the Documentation is very poorly done. I admit that it took me more than a year to really understand the process to install and configure the Health Monitor. This session will make the process relatively easy.
What’s New in OES 2018 SP2, Bob Reynolds, Micro Focus 34B
Join us for a detailed overview of the features and enhancements shipped in the OES 2018 SP2 release.
Micro Focus Desktop Containers - Let's Virtualize Applications, Paul Pedron, Micro Focus 35A
This session will introduce you to Application Virtualization using the MF Desktop Containers product. We'll discuss the different properties and how-tos of application virtualization. The advantages and security it gives the user.
Technology Environments for Serious Academics, Joe Doupnik 35B
It is easy to forget that the primary purpose of our academic organizations is to offer instruction and do research, with support by IT and business units. This presentation focuses on what a University Professor has faced over time regarding IT support facilities. The time span is from olden days of mainframes to the current epoch. The activity covers teaching undergraduate and graduate classes plus doing professional research. The essence of the activity is to share information amongst participants (class students, internal and external research colleagues) plus do research computations plus keep matters private and secure. A theme from the experience is central IT has not been adequate to deal with the matter and instead faculty have needed to develop facilities individually plus a few students. The practice has changed considerably over time as apparatus has improved, yet the need to do the work ourselves has persisted. A take away from this discussion is thinking about how central IT could provide such support for the faculty and their work.
GroupWise Messenger: One Thing Well, Johnnie Odom, Escambia SD 36A
It is an age of Cloud chat systems: Google alone has had eleven. But the on-site possibilities are getting a bit thin on the ground. GroupWise Messenger does not do video, it doesn't support Memojis, and for a while it was entirely supported half a day a week by a guy who really needed a haircut. Nonetheless, it persists and offers a user and administrator experience that gets straight to the point with no fuss. Join us as we learn about this sharpest of GroupWise entitlements.
Integrate your Active Directory with your Linux to make managing identities like doing nothing at all, Brian Six, Craig Liddle, SUSE 36B
Take the headache of managing identities between both systems. Use the existing credentials in AD to authenticate to Linux. We will show you how easy SUSE has made the process.
The Wisconsin Idea(s) - Discussion Session, Cory Calvert, Ryan Radschlag 37
If you have attended past TTP USA conferences, you probably know “The Wisconsin Guys.” In this session, the folks from Wisconsin will discuss how they are using Micro Focus (Novell) products in their environment. All are welcome to attend, cheese head hats are neither required nor discouraged.
OES, iPrint Support drop-in, Johnnie Odom 38
This drop in call is open for participants to ask anything from the team on any aspect of OES and its associated products.
Windows 10 Modern Management in ZENworks 2020 U2, Vikram Goyal, Micro Focus 39
Learn about the Windows 10 Modern Management capabilities coming in ZENworks 2020 Update 2, through which you can provision a Windows 10 device and deploy applications without physically touching the device or even having the ZENworks Agent on it. Understand more about how ZENworks is incorporating Windows 10 Modern management capabilities like Windows 10 AutoPilot into product and in different ways you can manage your Win 10 devices using ZENworks.
What's new in Privileged Account Manager 4.0, Rajesh Nagella, Micro Focus 40A
Privilege Account Manager 4.0 is primarily focused on the simplification and modernization of the user experience. This session will help the user understand the completely redesigned PAM access policy configuration and also experience agentless and browser based access for SSH/RDP/TELNET sessions through PAM.
How to implement a secure semi-automatic username/password completion solution, Vaclav Samsa, TDP 40B
The automated completion of a username and password is a must-have - regular users expect this feature as a standard part of any team solution for secrets management that is provided by their organization. However, any script running within a browser is a critical risk - it is quite easy to attack the whole password/secret management solution. This session discusses the risks and demonstrates how to avoid such attacks. It is important not to put in danger all the secrets and make sure only one record is used at the time. An extra section will be added to address the SSL inspection risks, how to detect them, and how to avoid them. There will be plenty of demonstrations during the session.
Using IDM Validator to test your code, Steven Tharp 41
Validator is a test tool for IDM environments that is really a hidden gem. This software is really essential for IDM testing. Learn how with a GUI interface you can test to see if IDM is updating eDirectory, Active Directory and other environments. We will see the tests and how to schedule regular running tests.
ZENworks Test Environment - How?, Paul Pedron, Micro Focus 42A
This session will give you the starting script to build your own test environment in minutes. Don't use your production environment as a test area. If you don't have a separate test environment on purpose, you'll eventually have one on accident (production). We'll discuss ways to build a test environment quickly, its uses and how to replicate the tested objects from a test zone to a production zone.
Raspberry Pi Digital Signage, Matt Schlawin, Fox Valley LHS 42B
This session will follow the process that Fox Valley Lutheran HS took to remove their proprietary digital signage solution and convert to "Do It Yourself" piSignage using a Raspberry Pi and open source software. You will see the mistakes we made along the way, as well as some demo sessions and features of piSignage.
Anti-malware in ZENworks 2020 Update 2, Darrin VandenBos, Chris Seiler, Micro Focus 43A
Come see how we are extending Windows device security by adding protection against malware threats in ZENworks 2020 Update 2. We'll introduce what we have planned, give you a sneak preview of what we have done, and give you an opportunity to provide feedback on both!
IDM 4.8 Identity Applications - Deep dive on changes that matter, Geoffrey Carman, CIS LLC 43B
The Identity Apps have been changing greatly and, while each version gets better, there are major changes that have real consequences but are poorly documented.
More Fun with Planworld: A model Social Networking System, Johnnie Odom, Escambia SD 44A
Despite the ubiquity of social networks in our lives today, the landscape is too often dominated by large companies with their own interests. In this session we take you back to one of the earliest social network: Plan files. From there we look at a couple of tight-knit web communities that have grown out of those humble roots and conclude by sharing the code to start your own Planworld system for community use or to teach students the basic technical underpinnings of social networks and how to program for them.
Comprehensive Linux Management, the Open Source way, Brian Six, Craig Liddle, SUSE 44B
SUSE continues to raise the bar when it comes to managing Linux servers. Crossing the distribution boundaries, SUSE delivers a better way. Take a look at the latest CommunityEdition, Uyuni, where feature and function continue to go where no one has gone before.
ZENworks Suite – Roundtable Discussion Session, Diana Osborn, SDSU, Paul Pedron, Micro Focus 45
Drop in and discuss or ask questions about the ZENworks Suite. This session will have an ongoing discussion about the ZENworks Suite of products and how environments are configured, sized, managed, products used and best practices. Join us and let your voice be heard in the discussion.