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Best Practices for Migrating Servers to Amazon Web Services with PlateSpin Migrate

In today’s dynamic world, the need for cost reduction and the desire to increase operational efficiency have a constant impact on the organization of IT resources.

Monitoring Services From Inside Your Firewall and Out to the Cloud

Today’s IT environment is vastly different than a decade ago. Not only do you have a diversified IT environment featuring Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems running on physical or virtual machines—but you are also getting valuable services from the cloud. In fact, more and more businesses are spending IT budget to expand out to the cloud. Latest estimates show the percentage of cloud expense from traditional IT is growing significantly.

The Future of the Proactive Service Desk Article

With events like Pink Elephant’s Pink14 focusing on the very best in service, IT professionals have service management in mind. But when you look ahead two, three or even ten years, what will your service desk look like? Yes, it will be more efficient and consistent in service and performance, but those are just parts of what will happen; overall, the service desk will become more proactive. How do we get to that point? Let’s first start where any good service management starts: identifying an issue.

Service Desk Success: An Opportunity for Differentiation

In a world of multi-media and globalization, it is a constant struggle for organizations to stand out in a saturated marketplace. Whether you work for a financial, educational, private, health or not-for-profit organization, the need to positively differentiate your products and services from competitors is essential to your survival.

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