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Education Fund - Tax Exemption Status

During the establishment of the TTP Education Fund a lot of work was done to determine how we could allow individuals donating to the cause to reclaim their donation via their tax returns. This proved to be a very expensive option for a small concern such as ours as fees are not only required for the registration for tax relief in every state where a person could donate money but these fees also have to be paid annually as part of a recertification process.

So, as a result we made the decision that we would not register for tax exemption status believing that we can do more good spending the funds on the children’s education rather than government fees.

Having said this we do have a mechanism if any organisation wishes to donate $500 or more to process this via CAF America and then to provide a receipt which can be used for tax reclaim purposes. If anyone needs more details on this please email Peter Atkins using and he will provide the appropriate forms.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this decision will cause but do hope that you appreciate spending thousands of dollars to facilitate this was not thought ethical as far as our cause is concerned.