Bangalore Transport Booking Form

Once you have booked your flights to Bangalore please submit the information on this form to arrange your collection at the airport on arrival and your return to the airport on departure. It is important to do this as the transport facilities are not what you would expect to find at a European or American airport. The journey to and from the airport can take up to one hour depending on the traffic and the time of day. Make sure you specify the correct arrival date as some flights will arrive the following day.

Once you have submitted the form you will be contacted by Anil Nair in Bangalore by email to request the expiry date and the csv code for your credit card payment. This adds security and also gives you the assurance that your booking has been processed.

If any of your flights change times you should inform Anil by email as we will be grouping people together into cars to reduce costs and it is important to make sure that we have enough cars at the airport for the arriving people. His email is

There are two types of car available a Sedan for 2100 INR and an SUV for 3150 INR. If you are traveling with others please put details in the information box so that Anil can group you together. Toll fees and parking will be charged at cost.

Finally, if you would like to arrange for shopping trips or social outings before, after or during the event for yourself and/or your partner or colleagues please add additional information into the information field at the bottom of the form and Anil will arrange this for you.


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Re-order Departure City Departing flight number Departure time Departure Date Weight Operations
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