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The University of Detroit Mercy

Like many organizations, most universities simply choose to turn off texting rather than risk an NCAA investigation. The NCAA states, “Evolving technology presents unique challenges in recruiting. The NCAA position states new technology can be used so long as it complies with the spirit and, where updated, the letter of already existing guidelines. For example, schools cannot text prospective student-athletes at any time…”

North Memorial Medical Center

To block email spam and viruses, North Memorial Medical Center employed Micro Focus® Secure Gateway to protect its GroupWise system.

Northwestern Michigan College

This university uses Micro Focus® Secure Gateway is a powerful anti-virus (AV) and messaging security agent with a full suite of content filtering, attachment blocking, and anti-spam tools.

Pflugerville Independent School District

Pflugerville ISD Turns to SEP and Retain Unified Archiving for SAN and Server Migration, Disaster Recovery and Information Archiving

City of 's-Hertogenbosch

After implementing Micro Focus® GroupWise Mailbox Management to automatically switchover email addresses, this city in the Netherlands gained a complete ROI in 30 minutes.

University of Munich hospital group

Vibe delivers effective and secure team collaboration with full mobile support for ease-of-use

Tiba Managementberatung GmbH

Filr delivers secure and seamless file sharing and synchronisation for improved team collaboration

CSH Surrey

CSH Surrey provides vital healthcare services to millions of people and must avoid any interruptions to operations. How could the organization migrate IT systems with minimal disruption? CSH Surrey deployed Micro Focus PlateSpin® Migrate to plan, test, and automate a low-risk migration of physical and virtual servers to its new environment, saving time and money.

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust ZAV Story
Regensburg University Filr Customer Success Story