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As you will all have seen from my previous emails and posts we are having to run the TTP Americas event online again this year. The main conference will run for the full week of the 11th July 2022 and is free of charge.

This year the Advisory Board asked us to add a number of Introductory Sessions into the mix as they thought this could be useful for sites wishing to educate new or junior staff on the products you all make use of. Added to this we also wanted to talk about some of the newer products that have come in from the hpe merger. This is a lot of material and it was impossible to fit this into one week and do the topics justice.

So, we have added two days of sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday for each of the four weeks of June to cover additional conference material. This will enable you to pick and choose the sessions and hopefully encourage others within your organization to register and attend those which you feel would be useful to them. Do not worry if these people are not currently TTP members just ask them to register for the event using the link below. Essentially where we used to have a dual track in the afternoons we have now moved these sessions into June.

Our plan is to send out an email to all of those registered at the start of each week in June listing the sessions to be covered that week as a reminder. We will then send out a reminder email for the main conference agenda after the July 4th holidays. Sessions will run each day from 9.30am to 4.30pm Central USA Time with a one hour break in the center of the day. Speakers include Product Manager and Developers from around the world as well as a number of sessions from members of the TTP. During the midday break we will have an open Microsoft Teams Meeting to allow attendees to socialize with others.

For additional details concerning the event, the Agenda and the Registration Form please visit the link below. Look forward to seeing you online.

If you have any questions concerning the event please email Peter Atkins using

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